Turn Your Manuscript into a Book with Kylie Dunn (online)

  • 26 Sep 2020
  • 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM
  • online
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Self-publishing has become an increasingly popular activity, for new and established authors. As well as people who have always wanted to publish their stories, business professionals are seeing a book as the best way to promote their expertise on a topic. The advent of print-on-demand vendors and ease of ebook publishing has made publishing a more achievable dream for many, but there is still the risk of that dream turning into a nightmare. After all, self-publishing also requires self-managing, self- marketing, self-organising and greater self-confidence than most authors possess.

In this course, Kylie will cover the first three stages of the self-publishing process and provide details of some of the pitfalls that 'would-be' self-published authors need to avoid in each area. The course will cover the following content:

 Writing the book – while this is not a technical writing course, we will start with a brief overview of pulling your manuscript together. Importantly, we’ll discuss referencing, copyright and plagiarism of and for the content in your book.

 Creating your platform – you’ll discover the basics of an Author Platform and the requirements for creating your own. We’ll discuss the core requirements of an author website, and how you might use social media to start creating a community for your writing.

 Preparing to publish – this covers the administrative decisions for setting yourself up as a self-published author and preparing to publish a book. We’ll start discussing publishing on Amazon’s Kindle platform, and the need to start your marketing plan. Note: we won’t discuss marketing options in detail on this course.

 Making Your manuscript a book – it’s important to ensure you create a professional looking and sounding book. For this part of the course we’ll discuss editors, cover design, internal design and choosing a self-publishing service.

3 hours (+30min Q&A) (Limit 30 people)

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