Worldbuilding with Cary Lenehan - 12-14 year old time slot.

  • 25 Feb 2021
  • 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
  • 24 Davey Street

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In this interactive course we will look at the concept of creating a world for a fantasy writer. We will talk about the considerations to bear in mind with building a world. In this we will reflect on things like gravity, the length of year, and the effect of moons. We will then look at, once you have a world, how to people it, and look at where people want to settle and how they settle, what sort of settlements they build, religions, and how all of this affects your writing. The course is designed for any level of participation, from a person who has no scientific background up. By the end of the module participants will have the outlines of a world (or worlds) and the tools to go on and create a place to set the tales they wish to write.

We will be able to look at everything on one hand from the length of the year, the gravity, to how far the horizon, and on the other hand how settlements should be placed and what is in them. We can also look at how cultures are shaped and work together. I hope to have a lot of fun bringing people’s ideas to life in front of them. Pen and paper and a willingness to let your ideas out are essential.

Cary J. Lenehan is a former trades assistant, soldier, public servant, cab driver, truck driver, game designer, fishmonger, horticulturalist and university tutor—among other things. His hobbies include collecting and reading books (the non-fiction are Dewey decimalised), Tasmanian native plants (particularly the edible ones), medieval re-creation and gaming. Over the years he has taught people how to use everything from shortswords to rocket launchers. He met his wife at an SF Convention while cosplaying and they have not looked back. He was born in Sydney before marrying and moving to the Snowy Mountains where they started their family. They moved to Tasmania for the warmer winters and are not likely to ever leave it. Looking out of the window beside Cary’s computer is a sweeping view of Mount Wellington/Kunanyi and its range.

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